Site Closing Down & Moving


I’ve been finding it a bit hectic managing three blogs at the same time so I finally made the decision to move Little Nook to my main personal blog. I don’t think it’s a big change since many posts from Little Nook are reposted there, but I’ve made it easier for readers to have the option to follow only Little Nook posts at my personal blog if that’s what they like. Little Nook is now a category in Storm in a Teacup (link highlighted in pink in the image above). You can either directly go to the Little Nook posts page or subscribe to the category itself by simply copying the LN posts page’s URL into your favorite RSS feeder.

I will be keeping this blog active until the end of the month and then delete it permanently.

So see you there! If not, then it’s been fun crossing paths with you!

Happy reading! 🙃


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