Hello! I’m Dee and I’m thrilled that you’re here. I was born and raised in sunny Kuwait ☀️ I’m a former librarian who used to be a manager of a library for 10 years. I have a masters degree in Libraries & Information Studies and currently back in graduate school studying publishing & editing. I love everything related to books, organization & managing data. I’m also a mixed media artist and a pianist since the age of 4 with a knack for video games & puzzles.

Storm in a Teacup is my personal blog where I mostly write about random thoughts and occasionally when I get the chance travel journal. Because I find that people who are typically interested in one area might not be in another, I created Little Nook and Teacup Adventures as separate segments of my blog. The Little Nook is a category in my blog that covers anything and everything related to the world of books & libraries. I might not always choose to upload Little Nook posts on my homepage especially if I feel they’re too specialized or technical so if you would like to keep up you can directly go to the LN posts page. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the category itself by simply copying the LN posts page’s URL into your favorite RSS feeder.  Teacup Adventures is where I write about the latest video games I’m playing. My Teacup Adventures posts will show up on my homepage. If you’re only interested in my gaming and puzzles posts then you can head over to my Teacup Adventures blog.

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Thanks for stopping by & happy reading :)