My Story

Hello, I’m Dee. A former librarian from Kuwait. I have always considered my journey with libraries a happy accident. In 2009 I went job hunting. I walked into the wrong office to ask about someone which got me introduced to a person who offered me a job I wasn’t looking for– a manager of a library!

Prior to that I have been trying tirelessly to get into graduate school in the field of humanities for a little over 5 years but was rejected every time. On my 6th try I nailed the entrance exam and scored the highest; however, my application got postponed for bizarre reasons and I was told that I had to wait one more year to be accepted. Totally disheartened & frustrated at the time, I threw my application in the trash and stormed out of the building. Worn out and in tears, I made a thoughtless stop at the graduate admission office and asked about any other program openings that I could possibly sign up for. One of them was Masters in Information Studies and Libraries (also called Information Management). I applied and immediately got accepted.

Weeks later, I came out of the orientation feeling like for the first time things were falling into place for me. Eventually what I learning in Information School I applied at my job as a manager of a library. It felt like a dream working in a library and being surrounded by books every single day. For 10 years I managed my little library, which I have single-handedly set up from a filthy, littered junk room into a lively, fully functioning library. I maintained an automation and circulation system from scratch, implemented collection policies, customized a unique classification system, catalogued over 800 books, edited and organized MARC records, ran reference services, trained and supervised student part-timers fully on my own. The library was my baby and I was delighted to watch it grow.

Much like everything in life; however, there comes a time when it’s inevitable to move on. Although I consider myself very fortunate to have worked in a place I truly loved, it was not always butterflies & sunshine. The administration of libraries in many of the educational institutions locally is far from ideal. There are many obstacles, funding issues and bureaucracies to face on a daily basis. Not to mention dealing with faculty who have immense misconceptions over what librarians really do, lack of communication and recognition became emotionally taxing.

In 2017 my office flooded and I took it as a sign that it was time to start a new chapter. After 13 years I left the academic field behind and joined the corporate sector.

I created The Little Nook to stay connected to the world of books & libraries. I also think it’s a good platform to perhaps tailor to some of the misconception over what Information Professionals are and what they do. Time has drastically changed the definition of ‘information’ and today Info Professionals (traditionally aka librarians) are integrated into a wide array of environments. In this blog I write about a wide range of topics related to books, libraries, information, local resources of information, and my journey with research and publishing.

If you love books and libraries then I hope you’ll find something worthwhile to read and enjoy here.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading! :)